What are Pre-Concept Studies?

Pre-Concept Studies are the first phase of basic services for a project design. At this stage, the design professional describes the project three-dimensionally and a range of alternative design concepts are explored to define the character of the completed project and an optimum realization of the project program.

What are the Pre-Concept activities We do?

The Pre-Concept Phase may include site analysis, programming, construction cost analysis, taking stakeholders requirements including value engineering.
  • Site analysis includes site location and topography, geotechnical reports, and review of existing structures.
  • Programming defines the project needs of the main stakeholders, it includes cataloging the spaces and equipment needed, and functional relationships.
  • The construction cost analysis provides a pre-construction budget for the capital improvement budget (CIB) and a cost plan to assist in explaining the budget and in guiding project management.
  • Value engineering in the Pre-Concept phase scrutinizes the program, site selection, and project budget.

How do we aid our client and ensure the smooth running of the project?

Whether you’re still new to project management or about to go into your 100th project, it’s always important to look back over your process to see what worked well and what did not, to ensure you’re not repeating the same mistake in the next project (Lessons learnt).

 At Archen we follow the 5 steps strategy which includes:

  1.  A workable project plans.
  2. Clear communication between teams.
  3. Good tools.
  4. Open relationship with stakeholders.
  5. Setting realistic deadlines.


We have developed an extensive, loyal client base and a portfolio that includes the most impressive, noteworthy engineering in the gulf region.





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