Our expertise spans a wide range of areas

Themed Entertainment

Captivating, engaging, and bringing back guests is our expertise. Our long-standing commitment as specialists in creating unique experiential environments is what makes us simply amazing.
A project succeeds when this unique experience builds upon the expectations of the prospective guests. Anticipating these expectations, we deliver a customer-driven design that is both the realization and fulfilment of the guest’s desire to be entertained, enhancing every moment they spend within the environment… Compelling them to return.
We are a group of talented, passionate designers that understands that great design doesn’t happen without effective operations and guest flow. We provide a full range of professional services to help create a seamless environment with a single purpose: to provide an enriching, enjoyable and memorable experience to each and every guest. We have worked to create tremendously successful theme parks, water parks, resort hotels, retail centers, museums, aquariums, theatres, restaurants, nightclubs, sports and fitness facilities and gaming attractions, destination attractions, and mixed-use developments throughout the world. Our goal is to provide creative solutions to the design challenges of each and every project through imaginative theming and responsible design while delivering the best service in the industry. We provide a full range of professional services, as leisure and entertainment specialists, including programming, architecture design, master planning, theme park ride integration, interior design, concept development, signage and graphics, landscape and site development, and environmental branding.
We know entertainment, let us show you…

Master Planning & Smart Cities

We believe that master planning is a collaborative process to develop a vision that will guide investment in physical spaces that support future programs and more vibrant living surroundings. Master planning necessarily requires generating a range of ideas.

We believe a smart city, is a city that incorporates information and communication technologies to enhance the quality and performance of urban services such as energy, transportation, and utilities in order to reduce resource consumption, wastage, and overall costs.

The overarching aim of a smart city is to enhance the quality of living for its citizens through smart technology. We feel that a collaborative approach and determining community goals will result in a site environment that is richer, more pleasing, and environment-friendly.

Our work includes high-density and low-density residential community smart city planning and design; commercial, retail centers, offices & industrial development site planning and design. Entertainment district planning and design. Mix-used & city and community parks, development, and design; city plaza, complete streets, traffic calming, and streetscape design. Hospitality and resort planning and design.


We believe that each project has different conditions and challenges. Therefore, we believe it is crucial to look around, research in-depth and collaborate with others to understand each project. The result is a unique design that derives from the understanding and finding the balanced solution and meeting customers objectives with structures of quality and beauty that will stand for the rest of time.

We are strong believers in sustainability the importance of green areas in urban residential spaces. Our projects come with expanses of natural landscape within private residential properties, as well as integrating this landscape into the facade of the building. We design high-rise residential buildings with a conscious integration of nature and context into their design.

Our residential towers are sometimes wrapped in a vertical landscape that acts as a sun-shading device and a screen for services, while acting as a green mural for people to enjoy, giving greenery back to everyone who encounters it.

To date, we have designed various types of buildings from high-rise residential towers, medium and low-rise residential communities, beach resorts & business hotels, office towers, community malls, learning centers, and mixed-use developments.

Interior Design

We are specialists in the interior designs of offices and commercial facilities, residential buildings, hotels and restaurants, retail outlets, museums, and themed entertainment venues.

ach project is treated as a unique challenge, and it is our mission to ensure that a project attains its design, budget, and scheduling goals. We are dedicated to ensuring the satisfaction of our clients.

We create unique and memorable interior environments with passion and dedication, using new avant-garde materials, finishes, and smart technologies, and the latest sustainable construction systems and trends. We take a collaborative approach to each project, involving the client, users, government agencies, and the local community. We do not shy away from problem-solving; we embrace it. We take pride in developing creative solutions that meet the client’s vision, program, and goals.

Working closely with clients to determine their constraints, requirements establishing relationships, and individual spaces’ needs. We create simple and useful concepts with careful utilization of new and traditional elements; each element has a purpose, a vibe, and a particular expression, being a unique puzzle with strong design and identity.

Our professional services include space planning, conceptual interior design, sustainable design, design development, programming, multi-media virtual illustrations and top quality cgi renderings, interior design project management, construction documents preparation, construction specifications, ADA compliance studies, entitlement processing, and agency approvals.

Infrastructure and Security Systems

Developing a state of the art Infrastructure through innovation, quality, and high productivity. We believe, properly designed, constructed, managed, and maintained green Infrastructure practices provide the greatest benefit to any community, and considering it whenever possible by working with local authorities. Taking into consideration site characteristics that can limit the application of green infrastructure practices and require slight design modifications.

Since the Security being mature over time and has been at the forefront of most contemporary projects. Understanding that Security Systems are to provide and protect critical Infrastructures, not limited to Airports, Highways, Network Communications, Media, and Power grid. We obtain tailor-made solutions, working closely with customers taking all Stakeholders’ requirements to achieve a system that limits the vulnerability of these structures and systems to sabotage, terrorism, and threats.

Our Group has obtained a distinguished position as a proven leader in the field of Security Network design and its major components of Hardware, Software, Operating Systems protection and its upgrades, with experience and vision to support customers during establishment and development of their facilities, according to key criteria, including technical capabilities and business requirements, to achieve the desired goals, including but not limited to; Simplification, Security, Support and Development.

his made our Group fulfils our commitments to customers, achieving major projects (for both Governmental and private sectors), including but not limited to; roads, accommodations, administration compounds, high ways, airports, border controls, … etc, providing comprehensive studies, design, implementation supervision and project management to the security systems (CCTV, Barriers, Surveillance: Radars & Cameras” and Monitor & Control), providing better understanding of the systems and best practice implementation into the available/proposed facilities.


We look forward to working with you and turning your dream project into a reality. Get in touch with us today.

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